In the aftermath of Judgment Day, we fled to the Exclusion Zone and sought refuge underground. This is what is left of our fallen civilization.

Life in Souterra is often a lonely experience. Imagine my surprise when I uncovered records of a pandemic starting in 2019 created by the virus known as COVID-19. in 2019. This disease killed a significant portion of the world's population and left people trapped in their own homes for many months. The comparison to Souterran reality is easy to make.

From this time period, I unearthed videos of an astronaut named Chris Hadfield, who spoke of making it through isolation, and optimism.

It's all in the shoulder, similar to microing in Starcraft, flick-shooting in Counter-Strike, or karate chopping a death droid.

We should clean our personal data regularly, similar to the way that we tidy up a home as a recurring chore.

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