In the aftermath of Judgment Day, we fled to the Exclusion Zone and sought refuge underground. This is what is left of our fallen civilization.

Eater | Smoke Point – How a Chinese Barbecue Master Has Been Roasting Whole Pigs for 30 Years

Vice Munchies – Tiny Island, Giant Flavors: Providencia’s Rondón

Vice Munchies – Cooking Pirarucu – The Giant Fish Of The Amazon

Yonina – One Day | יונינה

Matthew J. Salganik, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Duncan J. Watts

Hit songs, books, and movies are many times more successful than average, suggesting that “the best’” alternatives are qualitatively different from “the rest”; yet experts routinely fail to predict which products will succeed. We investigated this paradox experimentally, by creating an artificial “music market” in which 14,341 participants downloaded previously unknown songs either with or without knowledge of previous participants’' choices. Increasing the strength of social influence increased both inequality and unpredictability of success. Success was also only partly determined by quality: The best songs rarely did poorly, and the worst rarely did well, but any other result was possible.

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